Meet the KH&P Team: Key Longtime Employees

Over the years, Kyle Hunt & Partners has established a reputation in the Twin Cities for building impeccable artisan homes. A large part of that success arises out of an exceptional inception-to-completion process that has been enhanced and refined for 30+ years. That said, having an exceptional process means little without the heart and energy of a team that can execute it with consistency and in a values-driven way. 

Introducing key longtime employees, Glenn Hartman and Kyle Hoftiezer. Each has been with KH&P more than 20 years, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of their contributions and dedication.

Glenn Hartmann, Project Manager – Celebrating 23 Team Years. A graduate of St. Cloud State University, Glenn earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in accounting. He went on to own a landscaping company, then joined the KH&P team in 1999. Glenn’s ingenuity and attention to detail made him an ideal candidate for managing affiliate company Cottagewood Partners, LLC which, after many years of success, fully merged with KH&P.

Kyle Hoftiezer, Site Supervisor – Celebrating 21 Team Years. Kyle earned his degree in HVAC design from Dunwoody College of Technology in Minneapolis. From there he followed a path that would lead to his tenured career building artisan homes with KH&P.

Kyle continues to excel in overseeing the building process, and maintains responsibility for managing all construction details, including design, organization, and scheduling. He brings heightened attention and intention to the work, which is instrumental in keeping projects and timelines in focus. In addition and as appreciated is Kyle’s relatability – he enjoys an ongoing camaraderie with team members, artisans as well as with clients throughout their project.

Glenn and Kyle we extend our hearty and heartfelt thanks to you both!