The Artisan Home Experience

Architect: Sharratt Design & Company
Landscape: A Lutz Designs
Photography: Landmark

Into the Dream. Imagine stepping into your newly completed home for the first time. Every detail, every fixture, every finish exactly as you envisioned. Designed and constructed through a collaboration with exceptional design/build professionals, you are literally walking into
your dream come true. It is a home that in every sense reflects what is uniquely important to you. This is the artisan home experience.

The Art Behind Artisan. Architecture is itself an art form, one that has evolved and flourished over the centuries. The vision of the homeowner—a reflection of their lifestyle and personality—is brought to life by skilled artists and craftspeople. This results in personalized, beautiful, and functional spaces that positively impact all who enjoy living in an artisan home.

The Artists Behind Kyle Hunt & Partners. We recognize that the decisions and the investment you make for your new home are some of the most important of your lifetime. We want the love you feel for your home to last a lifetime and for generations to follow. Leveraging our long-established and trusted relationships with other industry professionals, from beginning to end your project will be caringly and expertly managed.   

Learn more about the artisan home experience and the Artisan Approach to Custom Design and Build.

Designing and building your own artisan home is very personal and exciting. We care deeply about the success of
your project and look forward to enjoying the process with you. – Kyle and Laurie Hunt